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What makes you different from other painters?

Professionalism, experience and expertise. Unlike many other painters out there, we take the time and great pride on doing the job properly. As a member of the Master Painters Association (MPA), we’re bound by their rigorous standards. This gives you piece of mind that if you choose a Haymes or Dulux product, we’ll take all of the steps recommended by paint manufacturer to make the paint last as long as possible. In fact, no matter what brand of paint you choose or prefer, we’ll take all measures needed to ensure it lasts.

Were also undertake re-painting of heritage properties. If you have an older property or one with unique or unusual characteristics – or with a heritage fa├žade or look that you wish to preserve – we can definitely help you.

How much do you cost?

We understand that undergoing a big painting job can be an expensive job. At Auspainters, we understand that our customers all work within different budgets. So no matter what your budget is, we can work with you at any price point. You’ll get a high quality finish no matter what your budget is.

You also get great aftercare service if you’re a customer of ours. Whilst you pay for the works you’ll commission, we keep all our customers’ details on file so that if requested, we can offer a condition report on your property in a few years’ time. We offer this aftercare service for free to all our customers.

Where are you located and how far would you travel for a job?

Our family-run businesses have specialist painters in the eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne. We can travel all over metro Melbourne and in the past, we’ve undertaken work across various parts.

Why should we choose you?

With over 20+ years experience and expertise in painting and maintenance, our family-owned business group aims to provide high quality personalised services to all our valued customers.

Auspainters is accredited by the Master Painters Association.

How do you work with clients?

After our first chat with you, we’ll arrange an inspection of the property. At this initial inspection, we’ll undergo checks of the existing conditions of the property. We run a series of tests before we start painting as well. For example, if you have a weatherboard property, we’ll test for moisture. We can also perform adhesion tests (i.e. to check for flakiness and general adhesion of the existing paint). We’ll provide advice where needed and lastly, we’ll provide a quote on the scope of works to meet your requirements

How can I choose my colours? Do you work with colour consultants?

Yes, we’ve partnered colour consultants that can assist and advise you on your colour choices.

Which brands of paints do you use?

Yes use all major brands of paint and happy to accommodate customers preferences.

I have some rotten weather-boards. Can you replace them?

Yes, we have a full team including a maintenance personnel to changeover weatherboards and all other related timber areas.