• We are specialists in interior house painting in the Melbourne and outer suburbs.

    Interior house painting

    Interior painting with care and attention to detail

    We have painted many different types of homes being period or even intrinsic works throughout Melbourne and understand the requirements when dealing with solid ceilings and walls as well as ornate woodwork, cornices and roses.

    More and more customers are now opting to use low odour and low voc paints due to allergies and lingering smell.
    We always undertake a final walkthrough with our clients to ensure our customers are delighted with the completion


    We use our own in-house plasterers to undertake all medium-large plastering works

    We have encountered many homes with movement and plaster deterioration. We have found in many instances once we scrape back loose and flakey paint that the underlying structure has eroded over time. We will ensure that when we seal these opened areas and undertake plastering works to be flush and consistent. In major cracks we will use plasterers tape to conceal crack-line.

    We are experienced in filling, gapping and sanding surfaces as well as sealing water marks and repairing cracks.